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What’s next on GBAM? 2018, May 27.

Hopefully someone enjoyed the article about the pseudo-plesiosaur (=basking shark) which washed up at Girvan (Scotland) in 1953. If you missed the article titled „Monster’s mate in sorrow. Girvan, 1953“ here’s the link: http://globsterblobsandmore.com/cetorhinus/monsters-mate-in-sorrow-girvan-1953/.

Globster at Philippines, May 2018

Another globster washed ashore near the town of San Antonio, Oriental Mindoro province, Philippines few days ago. As is known from the …

Southern Stingray (Dasyatis americana) as symbol picture. (Jeff K. (2008). Used under license CC BY NC 2.0)

Mystery fish a Stingray? Yes!

Pictures of a brown, scaly sea creature atop a rock in Cairns, Queensland (Australia) have been shared with 9News.com together with the …

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