What’s next on GBAM? 2018, May 27.

HopefuPicture of the author's desk.lly someone enjoyed the article about the pseudo-plesiosaur (=basking shark) which washed up at Girvan (Scotland) in 1953. If you missed the article titled „Monster’s mate in sorrow. Girvan, 1953“ here’s the link: http://globsterblobsandmore.com/cetorhinus/monsters-mate-in-sorrow-girvan-1953/.

The upcoming next article is also about an pseudo-plesiosaur, but in opposite to other cases seemingly just one single article about it was published ever!!! I haven’t found any other newspaper-clip or any mention in the usual “sea monster” literature at all, so it is seemingly an hitherto completly overlooked case. Happily there are two pictures, and from one we can determine the identity without real doubts. The article about it is nearly finished, what remains is some correction and gaining permissions for the necessary photographs. So, stay tuned!

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