Mystery fish a Stingray? Yes!

Southern Stingray (Dasyatis americana) as symbol picture. (Jeff K. (2008). Used under license CC BY NC 2.0)

Stingray in the sand, Bahamas. (Jeff K. (2008). Used under license CC BY NC 2.0)

Pictures of a brown, scaly sea creature atop a rock in Cairns, Queensland (Australia) have been shared with together with the remark that no one can say what it is (Could this mystery fish be a Stingray?). German researcher Markus Bühler (March 4, 2018) explains it:

A new „mystery“ carcass. Despite its weird appearance, it is – as already suggested in the article – a stingray. Fishermen cut of the fleshy ‚wings‘ off as filets, and the rest is not used. When it dries in the sun, it can look like this […]. There are very dorsally orientated eyes, rough skin, and extremely long and thin tail, no signs of any dorsal fin and visible bone from the cutting in the area of the snout. It also seems there are some remains of the ray´s wings just below the tail base.


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